Mentoring P2P C2C
Attention Discipleship Mentors! Now Available in Pastor’s Office... Spiritual Gift’s Inventory. Use with Book Eight.

That stands for “person-to-person” and “couple-to-couple.” This is the name of a new and growing program for making new and undeveloped adult believers solid and stable in the Christian faith. Veteran believers are linked with any adult who asks to be mentored.

The program follows a journey through 16 booklets only about ten pages in length each. The booklets are talking guides to scriptures related to the theme of the booklet.  The mentor’s job is to answer the questions that arise and to testify from his/her memories of using that truth in life.

The mentor and the “novice” meet once-a-week, usually in the mentor’s home. The meetings aim to last ninety minutes, but they may last longer as the case allows. No homework is required. The entire series will require at least six months to complete.


First-time mentors often remark that they never could have guessed how richly rewarding the experience would be. Novices often comment that the program answers many questions. Novices learn how to pray from the example of the mentor. Novices also become confident in their gospel witness.


Novice—this word is a biblical word and is used in 1 Timothy 3:6. Such persons are called “little children” in 1 John 2:12-13. The goal of the program is to bring the little children to the maturity of the “young men” who are “strong, and the word of God lives in you and you have overcome the evil one” (1 John 2:14).

Mentors—these persons are selected based on the following qualities: 

1.  A WITNESS—a mentor must be someone who is able to share the scriptures of God’s plan of salvation and is experienced in doing so;

2.  A MINISTER—a mentor must be someone who has experience with holding the responsibility of an ongoing ministry position or work;

3.  A TITHER—a mentor must be someone whose practice of stewardship of time and money is such that he/she is able to give the Lord a tithe of income.

Administered by: Pastor Spencer Ray