Isn't Christianity a straitjacket?
This is a common question.  It is a common opinion too.  It looks like it. It sounds like it.  It looks like it is a religion where God is controlling everyone and that He is all that matters.  Who would wish to be in marriage to such a person?
However, the Christian faith is centered around a God-person (the Son of God) who made huge personal adjustments to become a God-Man (Jesus of Nazareth).  Then, he made another huge personal adjustment to meet the needs of humanity in his death on a cross.  So, when seen in its proper light, Christianity is a passionate love-affair between Christ and believers.  
It is not a deal that has every sacrifice on one side and nothing on the other side. Instead, it is similar to any good marriage, a joyful way of life that features an extremely distinctive style of life.  To persons who know Jesus, nothing done is done as a sacrifice.  It is worship.

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