Hasn't science disproved Christianity?

There is no doubt that science is very popular in America.  Science has given us many popular things from helpful machinery to entertainment devices to helpful medicines.  Also, there has been a buzz of controversy between the Church and the scientific community for several hundred years.
This statement that science has disproved Christianity is something that is easily said but not easily demonstrated.  Even scientists debate whether or not all things can be reduced to a physical description of particles, strings, behavior, or chemical causes.  An atheist who disagrees with Richard Dawkins, author of the book The God Delusion, wrote: “…conscious experience, thought, value, and so forth are not illusions, even though they cannot be identified with physical facts” (see Thomas Nagel, “The Fear of Religion,” The New Republic (October 23, 2006).
Ministers are familiar with the fact that science teachers are easy to find among the faithful participants of worship.  Surely if decisive and compelling evidence disproving Christianity existed, they could not participate in a faith that demands truthfulness, honesty, and integrity from the heart.  In fact, Christianity affirms the study of the laws of nature.
Furthermore, its only points of contention with science involves miracles, and miracles by definition are neither natural nor scientifically verifiable.  How would science use its knowledge of the natural to disprove something which by nature is supernatural?  Such tests have never been performed.
Mysteries are familiar fact of life.  Right?  Illusions are a familiar fact of life also.  There is nothing incredible about claiming that supernatural acts of God have entered the human experience.  In fact, the mysterious nature of life should keep us comfortable with the possibilities promised by the miracles of Christ.  He never performed silly tricks.  He only demonstrated the kind of permanent and beautiful changes which divine love is promising to bring to our world.

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