How can a loving God send people to Hell?

On the surface this teaching is embarrassing to our American minds.  Our culture has been under the influence of the Church for so long now that we take it for granted that forgiveness is the nature of love. A loving God forgives. Right?
Not very far away from where you live, there are many who are suffering great pain at the hands of monsters who seem to get away with it.  They are asking us: how can a loving God stand by instead of cracking down and putting a stop to this?  Victims of evil are asking: when will the loving God judge evil?
Let me ask you: do you think it is fair for you to assume that your cultural bias is superior to another cultural bias?  Your culture demands that God be gracious.  Their culture demands that God be just.  Which culture is superior?
Finally, let us think about this:  where else besides Christianity will you find a message about a God of forgiveness?  How remarkable that the Bible gave us such a strong value for forgiveness and love, yet there are some among us who debate its teachings on Hell.  The Jesus who stopped the stoning judgment of a woman caught committing adultery, the Jesus who gave us the stories of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son- the Jesus who taught “love your enemies” and “judge not lest you be judged”- this is the same Jesus who gave the Church its teachings on a final judgment in a place of Hell.

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