OuR Story


We are a fellowship proud to be located in the West Plains area believing that God has a special plan for south-central Missouri,  
and hopeful that He will use our church to live out His purposes here!

  • Historically Relevant~ This fellowship through notable spiritual revivals in the 1890’s and 1960’s has truly helped shape the spiritual climate of WP and the surrounding area for the last 135 years.  We believe that God has a plan for this area and we get to be one of many churches that He works through to accomplish His purposes.
  • Physically Relevant~ A place of refuge, as noted by victims of the flood, our city and even the State Representatives and Governor. It is clear that we serve as a place for refuge during catastrophic moments in our town history. Beyond that, we distribute 2 tons of food per week through our Food Bank and provide clothing for many through the clothing share program.   
  • Purposefully Relevant~ We help people in other ways also.  We have been equipped to teach, train and prepare people for life.  Through our Five Year Plan (5YP) we are intentionally living out the directions of the Bible as we view them through the 
8 Core Values (8CV) of First Baptist Church.
We believe Jesus makes it possible to LIVE an abundant life and He is the HOPE for our community, our families, and our church family.  We then choose to Live Hope!

How it all started...

First Baptist Church has a rich history in West Plains. The original congregation was established in 1884 when a vacationing Baptist preacher from Memphis agreed to hold a revival, which resulted in the organization of four new churches of various denominations. Twenty-four of these new Christians joined together to form First Baptist Church. Due to continued growth throughout the next 126 years, the congregation constructed and reconstructed facilities at the 202 Walnut Street campus to further enable the ministries of FBC to prosper.

Our current main facility was erected in 1995, and our most recent addition is the Multi-Purpose South Campus.It is only a short walk away on Grove Street, which is used for the “ECHO” Wednesday Night Youth Program and various special events.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 8:00 am and 10:30 am.